B6.1D 2WD Outdoors Setup
Over the summer here in Australia I managed to do a fair bit of testing with the B6.1D on our outdoor dirt tracks in 3gear standup / shock forward configuration. Spent time focusing on what to change as traction changes and also when you change rear tyres.

- Generally the car gets faster lap times with alloy c and d blocks unless the track is super loose and dusty, in which case use the brass parts. (see this setup on very loose surfaces)
- In lower grip, run the green front spring (softer) and move the battery to R3 or R4 position.
- As grip comes up, battery to R5/F1 and White front spring.
- With pin tyres, extra toe in works well. I run 4deg toe. Pins have more flex and seem to need more toe to lock them in.
- With bar tyres, less toe will give more rear grip. Too much toe makes them unpredictable (feels like The get taken past their ideal slip angle). 3deg optimal with JC Dirt Maze tyres.
- On most tracks, I like the higher rear roll centre which seems to lock the back end in more both on and off power. On tracks with longer corners / higher grip, run a lower rear roll centre (eg 3mm inner washer).


R. Munday