Got an updated B6.1D Setup for the Pro-Built MIP Pucks system 17.5 and the SCH1279 front bulkhead shim 0.5mm

Working off of my OCRC Stock Nats 40+ winning setup, the goal was to lighten the drivetrain and car, still maintaining an easy-to-drive balance but going faster in the turns. Made a simple change to the rear and front end and have settled on this setup after a few trys.

Shedding the weight of the diff from kit to aluminum, I dropped the rear spring from Kyosho white to AE Green V1. Also removed the rear waterfall since the 6.1 chassis is solid under the motor, now it can have flex without bending. Also after some testing I took the weight out from under the battery and went back 1 hole to middle on the battery weight. It was a similar car balance but lighter and offered more grip in rear with the bias shifted back.

On the front end, I prefer the ease of driving of heavier V2 grey spring, but to get some turn-in and on-power steering, I went to 0.5mm bulkhead shim which lowers the front inner pins (more turn in and on power steering) and then 0.5mm washer on the front inner ballstud. When grip gets super-high at a big race, you can pull these out and go back to normal locations if needed.