Check out my Tekno / Team Associated B6.1 that I drove to WIN the 2019 Reedy Race of Champions. This car only has 16 batteries through it, I built the car, tested it at Fastlane Raceway the Tuesday of Reedy, then ran the event starting on Thursday.

- B6.1D Kit
- Laydown Transmission / Vented Slipper Plates
- Lunsford Ti Upper Screws / Turnbuckles / Front Axles
- AE Alu Hubs / Alu Bell Cranks / Alu Servo Horn
- Carbon Fiber Servo / ESC Plates
- Short Rear Tower and Shock
- Kashima Shock Bodies / Silver Shafts
- Schelle Battery Strap
- Paint by TD Paint
- Stick It 1 Racing Stickers
- Maclan MRR V2M 7.5 Motor / Maclan MMAX Pro ESC / Maclan Graphene LIHV V2 5000 Battery
- KO Propo EX-RR Radio / KO KR-415FHD Receiver / KO RSx3 one10 Servo
- JConcepts F2 Body / Wing / JConcepts Front Wing
- JTP Washers / JTP Shock Fluid / JTP Copper Grease

Is there any difference in offset between the Kyosho wheels and AE or AKA? What made you run those instead of AKA?
Yes, they are the same offset. I couldn’t get AKA wheels, and I did all my testing and practicing with Kyosho wheels on both my 4wd and 2wd.