Xray driver Stefan Schulz is rocking the actual FWD platform from the Slovakian manufacturer. Stefan is running his X4F out of the box with some self made brass weights in the front. The X4F is based on the actual Xray X4 touring car (4WD), and is on rails here in Aigen-Schl├Ągl. Stefans car is powered by a Gens Ace battery, and a Power HD Servo is responsible for a precise steering response.

Body Shell: Blitz YRS
Speedo: Hobbywing ETS
Motor: Hobbywing ETS
Battery: Gens Ace
Radio: Sanwa M17
Servo: Power HD S15
Tires: Matrix EP 036R ETS
Sponsors: Xray, Hudy, SMI, Gens Ace, Power HD, Hobbywing, Hiro Seiko, Monaco RC, Looxon Germany