Alexander Hagberg's bodyshell mounting positions. Zoo Racing Anti

If the rear is on the loose side, raise the rear by 1mm. I mounted the body a bit forward (like I do with most bodies).

Zoo Baybee
    Body post heights:
    Front: 7th hole +2 + clear o-ring
    Rear: 6th hole +1
The +1 and +2 holders are optional body posts with part numbers 301323/301324 for example. They raise the body by 1 and 2mm respectively, for fine tuning of the height.

Zoo Wolverine
    Body post heights:
    Front: 5th hole +1
    Rear: 8th hole
Keep in mind that the height of the Wolverine has to be adjusted to the rules that you're racing under. With 115mm (EFRA) minimum roof height, the body has to be raised quite a bit. I've been told that the Wolverine Max is taller, to rectify this problem. Anyone that could confirm this info? If you're at an event where roof height isn't measured, you can lower the body a lot more, to have less roll, and a freer rear end.