How was the new X4'23 developed?
Improving a platform as successful as the X4’22 was not an easy task. The X4’22 has led Xray to explore a new concept of touring with many unique solutions such as the arms with integrated carbon. Every year the goal is always the same. Create the fastest model in the world. The solutions adopted on the new X4’23 have been tested by the drivers of our team for a long time and in various surface and climatic conditions. This generated an enormous amount of data which, once read, led to the choice between one solution and the other.

When did you realize you were on the right path?
When new solutions are developed, it is always the track that tells whether the direction is right or not. The choice of the Team not to participate in an important series of European races has on the one hand taken away the possibility to measure this, on the other hand it has pushed us to work to our maximum, always asking more of ourselves. At the European championship we understood that we had chosen the right line of development. Subsequently the tests in Gubbio confirmed the advantage we had over our rivals. When we got to the World Championship, after the first qualifier we realized that we just had to stay calm and do our job on the track.

Is the X4’23 a car developed for Top Drivers like Bruno and Alexander?
I would say no. At the world championship we saw Alessio Menicucci who is certainly an excellent driver but not a professional, making top 5 results for two qualifications. The results in the stock speak for themselves. Many mid-level drivers are involved in development because their feedback is often more important than that of a Top Driver.

We are talking about 23 novelties on the car but which are really important?
Xray has always taught how to do marketing in this sector and also this time it is normal that you present the new born, enhancing all the differences to the fullest. There are new parts on this list that bring no improvement in terms of performance. Unless performance is considered to go against a wall. Yes, because many of these pieces have been designed to give the model more strength while trying not to lose the twists that create overall performance. The real revolutions are the new shock absorbers revised in size and position. Other important news is that the X4'23 is already equipped with all the more expensive options that were not present in the X4'23 such as ECS and CVD with BB.

Let's talk more about the new Shock Absorbers .( XLP Shocks )
From the first moment that Martin told me about this idea I was fascinated by it because frankly I already thought the shock absorbers in use were very small and I was scared of the drastic reduction in the amount of oil, but Martin was sure he could reduce the size without sacrificing the volume of the shock absorber body. A cut here, a change there, we have reached the set goal. Reducing the size of the shock absorbers without losing too much volume of oil. We reduced the weight of each by 2.6g and in total 10.4g. This mean less and lower weight.

We tried different sizes and many shock towers before finding the right balance. The springs have also changed, but is it possible to use the previous ones as well? In the development of the shock absorbers we were able to go far beyond expectations and at a certain point we realized we could go further only by changing the length of the springs. Regarding the possibility of using the "old" springs, there are some conditions that allow it but it is really at the limit with being able to dictate the height from the ground and this is very much linked to the diameter of the tires used. The choice of drivers will fall on the use of the new ones that are presented in different levels of hardness:

In addition to being BB the CVD and ECS present a new solution (SCS - Spring Clip System) to fix the Wheel Hubs. Yes, this is another great idea from Martin that freed us from using the cursed clips. Too bad it only happened when I had learned to put them on and take them off without too many problems. This is a solution that is as simple as it is functional. A cut on the drive axle houses a “spring”, the wheel Hub has a notch inside its cylinder where the Drive Axle spring fits into it. Removing it is as easy as putting it on - just push the Drive axle and you're done. Well done, Martin.

The upper arms have a different code than the previous ones, how do they change?
In the continuous search to improve all aspects of the model, these arms differ from the previous ones only with a plastic appendage that reinforces them.

The steering and ARS Plate changed too, is this for the same reason?
Almost, let’s say. I mean they are certainly more robust than the previous ones, even than the V2, but in addition they provide the solution of connecting the Links no longer with a Ballstud screwed from above which if not perfectly fit on the front could interfere by creating tears on the lower arm. Now a countersunk screw passing from below is connected to the links that no longer have a Ballstud but a pivot Ball.

New Bulkhead and Upper Clamp.
Also in this case we thought of those who love to go against walls.

On the topic of TopDeck, why so many?
In recent years it has been understood how much a top deck can make a difference in some conditions and how subjective this is from driver to driver. I think I am not mistaken in saying that now the flexing of the Top Deck is a very important item in the set up and having such a wide choice can only give more possibilities.

And the Optionals?
In addition to the top decks, I would like to point out the Upper Clamp 301574. These have the seat of the eccentric used for the caster moved towards the inside of the model allowing to lengthen the upper arm. The result is a completely different approach to the corner in terms of travel speed. To be used in many cases.

Another thing that is never missing on my cars are the eccentric aluminum differentials. Having said that, with the appearance of new springs, I would say that the car is already full optional.

In the world championship 60% of Xray Drivers used the BR1 servo. How do you explain this success?
BR1 servos have always been developed to offer maximum performance with products dedicated exclusively to certain models. Also for the X4 the BR1 is installed directly to the frame without using the Bridge. This optimizes the weight position and at the same time decreases the risk of tweaks. Every year the admirers increase and I believe this proves just how right the choice to use this product on X4 is.

Bruno's car, as with other drivers, is equipped with OfficinaRC accessories, are they really necessary?
The OfficinaRC motto is "for many but not for all" This sentence contains the meaning of this brand. OfficinaRC produces useless products for those who do not like to embellish their model, making it unique or for those who do not see the difference in a higher quality standard. So if you belong to this category, avoid continuing to read, if instead you are curious to understand why perhaps they are not so useless, continue reading. Beauty can be subjective, quality cannot. Many people ask me, why spend all this money on OfficinaRC screws. The answer is very simple, because even if they are the most expensive they are the most convenient on the market. When I work on a model I happen to disassemble and reassemble it many times, and before using the OfficinaRC I often had to replace the screws because they made fun or even broke . With the OfficinaRC I can not guarantee they are for life but surely their life is at least 5 times longer. Resulting that even if they cost twice as much as the others, at the end of the day they are cheaper. But even if we do not make it an economic speech, the OfficinaRC screws are made in Italy with the best Swiss Titanium from solid. Other titanium screws if screwed firmly stretch. Have you noticed? In addition to titanium screws, OfficinaRC manufactures very expensive tungsten screws. Even these are useless if you think that being able to manage the weight at the lowest possible point can not give advantages. From personal experience, every detail creates differences. Today, where the balance of the model is essential, being able to control it with details such as screws can help. OfficinaRC was the first company to put Smart-Shim on the market, which are the ideal solution to identify the measurement of the shim at a "glance. The Body Tuck screws have a technical use that allows to prevent the bodywork from touching with the rubber. Those looking for the best choose OfficinaRC.

Can you upgrade the X4'22 to X4'23?
Probably yes, but is it really worthwhile? The X4'23 is aimed at those who want the maximum expression of racing regardless of their abilities. The analysis to be done is in what condition and how equipped is the X4'22 to be updated. If it is new with CVD and ECS BB already maybe it would be enough to buy shock absorbers and shock absorber towers. As mentioned above, many new features are to make the model more robust or practical. However I would change it just to delete the E clips...
However, I attach some proposals to update your model.

NEW SPARE PARTS for Xray X4 2023

301077 Xray X4G'23 Graphite Upper Deck - Split Front - 2.0mm

301079 Xray X4A'23 Graphite Upper Deck - Split Front - 2.0mm

301572 Xray X4'23 Alu Upper Clamp - Swiss 7075 T6 (L+R)

305356 Xray X4 Alu Wheel Hub - Spring Clip - Swiss 7075 T6 (2)

305349 Xray X4 Ecs Drive Axle - Spring Clip - Hudy Spring Steel

305348 Xray X4 Cvd Drive Axle - Spring Clip - Hudy Spring Steel

302397 Xray X4'23 Alu Front Steering Plate - Swiss 7075 T6 (L+R)


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