Perfect weekend for the first time with the new XRAY X4 ! Thanks to the IRCR crew for putting a superb event with great atmosphere and track.

Saturday was free practice and today we had 1 practice for reseeding, 4 qualifications and 3 finales. My car was on top from the beggining! Top seed / TQ / 3 A main wins. I used the new Bittydesign Hyper HR ULT which was perfect!

Thanks to my sponsors for the great stuff they provide ! Next up MRC Longwy Winter Series Rd. 2 in two weeks.

  • XRAY
  • Aigoin Racing
  • ORCA by Manu Wagner
  • Bittydesign Headquarter
  • Donathen RC
  • Vpdesign ART Painting
  • P stickers
  • RW Racing
  • Auto Modèle Club Montbrisonnais


Images: P. Delorme