I have to say, it was absolutely awesome last night... i may have mentioned i Won my Class - and was the closest i've ever been to being the fastest overall - literally 0.17 secs off 1st place after 40x laps of racing 🙂

I will note, it was the first time i'd run the PSS Valves/pistons on the car, i didn't really know what oil to use, so ran 400. This seemed to be excellent for Derby club, however as we're travelling to EWS this weekend, which is a track that has 'curbs' i am open minded if we revert back to a more std shock we used at Rd1 (4x hole, 1.1mm 300 oil) - or if i stick with what i ran last night successfully?
(i'll let you know after the weekend)

For now though, this is my set up and it feels fantastic, stable, easy to push, nice rear traction set up but with plenty of steering - for what i would say is a decent Club Level driver (ie me, maybe you too)!!


G. Hill