Here's some tech info from the MRS - Monsanto Racing Series race yesterday, in which I finished 2nd behind my team mate Bruno Coelho, making it an XRAY X4 1-2 finish. I believe that this tech info will be interesting for a lot of X4 users. After all, the majority of X4 cars will be driven with stock motors! For this particular race, we ran under the 13.5T EFRA blinky rules.

As for the car setup, I ran a setup quite close to my "Monsanto base". I experimented with a few things on the Friday. I went for more rear caster, which I found helped to improve side bite and forward traction. I was also fine tuning with ARS link shims. Where the sweet spot seemed to be within the 6.5-7mm range for this setup.

I wanted to try to go back to a 1.1 front anti-roll bar as well on race day, but just didn't have enough time. I believe this could have given me a bit more mid corner steering.

PSS in the front shocks, -0.5mm hexes, and a split top deck are all good options to use for low- to medium grip asphalt tracks. The PSS will make the carry more speed in the sweepers. The split top deck will give the car more mechanical grip, and the narrow hexes will sharpen up the car, especially in slow sections and on used tires.

As for the bodyshell of choice - I opted for the ZooRacing Baybee. I thought this carried a bit more corner speed than the Twister. It's a really smooth body. But then again, I would have liked to try the Twister again on race day, when the grip was up, to increase the initial steering slightly.

Another difference between my modified and stock setup on this track was the rear body posts. In modified I don't like the horizontal posts for this low grip track, they simply don't provide enough rear grip. But for stock they helped to free up the car, and provided more corner speed. The horizontal posts also makes the body drag slightly more on the sides, so you might want to trim the sides of the body slightly higher!

The ESC setup sheet is very similar to the one that I used at the national race at this track in August! 50 deg endbell is the best compromise for this track size. The drag brake and push brake settings can be fine tuned for your driving style. As a modified racer, I found that using a bit of drag brake helped me to be more consistent with my driving. I ran the Sunpadow 5500 LCG Platin pack. I didn't feel the need to use anything bigger. Since this pack gave superb and consistent punch, with very low IR out of the box.


A. Hagberg