- Team Xray X12 -

By Adrien Antomarchi

Two month ago, I have received my new 1/12 pan car chassis: the XRAY X12!

Why Xray? This was the first question a man asks me... For sure, CRC and Associated are good chassis, probably the most driven ones in national and international events.

For me, Xray is a love story? Since my RC debuts in touring car class I ran Xray and, as the Xray X12 hit the LHs shell, it was the good moment for a change of car.

After the build of the car, the good points:
  • High quality graphite chassis!
  • High quality alum.
  • Easy to build (very explicit manual! thanks!)
  • Good quality of the plastics (Hard compound, better than the past!)
  • The thrust bearing in the diff. (very smooth and consistent during racing)
  • Easy to finalize with good tech tips (roll center...)
  • NEW pack configuration!
  • Two servo positions possibility

The bad point(s?):
  • Front bearings to smaller for JACO wheels giving a little play in the wheel
  • Side springs too soft and oil too thin (the car is not too much good to drive with this setting)

The build was very easy to do with a beautiful manual in 3D! All pieces were well made!

Talking about the electronic preparation in one world: SPACE! With the new LiPo pack position (longitudinal) the balance of the car is just perfect! Then, we have more space to locate any speed controller on the market! I use a LRP SXX stock spec and it fits easily into the car. I use a Futaba 1/12 specs to, the manual give the choice between two servo positions (left or right). And for me, the best balance of the chassis is when the servo is positioned on the right side (for information, I've just put a 10g lead on the left side near the servo to have the perfect balance!).

Tips before heading to the track:
A new car requests a lot of preparation before going to the track! For the Xray X12, I made some little changes:
  • 1 hole shock piston! (put some glue in the second hole) to have a harder center shock (more responsive in the track)
  • 3mm shims above side springs

After painting my BA004 (black art bomb'R), I just wait the next training in my local track of RCP Trets.

Mid of december:
Ready for the first time of my brand new XRAY X12! I'm so excited to try this new chassis!
I start the first pack with standard settings: the car gets a lot of steering but in fast corners, it has too much grip and the car roll over. I went back to the pit and focus on my car set-up. I decide to try Red CRC side springs (who are way harder than the kit gold ones). Back on track: the car is much faster and easy to drive in fast sections and slow sections with a good low power by my combo. The car is still getting tons of steering. But after 6min of driving, the rear of the car felt weird with abnormal behavior in the end of the straight line. Going to the pit area... Want to try harder compound in rear wheel. Finally, that was the good idea, it was much easier to drive during 9min and very fast! What else? I'm so happy of my new 1/12 chassis and I recommend it!

For the upcoming training in the RCP Trets, I go to try a larger rear way to stabilize the rear of the car.

Some pics (sorry but not to the build, my phone was broken...)

Thanks to PETITrc and other!