There's been some concerns about the durability of the front arm on the new XRAY X12 2021 kit. Xray is always open to not only acknowledge, but to try and resolve any issues with durability, especially in a completely new car design like this one. Consider this tech tip as an addition to the manual!

Step 1 (optional): Carefully sand the edges of the front arm with a file/sandpaper. I personally don't like doing this, since I find it more difficult to keep the CA in place when the edges are rounded.

Step 2: Spray CA kicker onto the edges. This will make it easier to control the flow of the CA glue around the carbon fibre edges.

Step 3: Carefully apply CA glue around the edges of the whole front arm. The CA glue will not only reinforce the arm, but will prevent delamination of the carbon fibre, which can happen in a crash.

Step 4: Spray more kicker to seal the CA onto the carbon.

Step 5: Install a bigger diameter washer between the kingpin and the M3 nut. A washer with more surface area will provide additional protection onto the surface of the arm. I used the 305380, offset shim for the T4, which is 11.5mm in diameter.

Using the front arm stiffener in the stiffest setting may lead to an increased risk of damaging the arm (there's less give in the arm). Keep that in mind if you are concerned about the durability. The factory team has been running the kit (medium) setting for most conditions.

Once again, our goal is always to make a car that's durable and easy to use, from club level to professional levels of racing. We hope that this tech tip can help to minimize any problems in the future!


A. Hagberg