The default setup is a fantastic starting point, however I've been testing furiously over the past year and a half and have found a setup that seems to work well at every asphalt track I've raced on. I have had some of my D07 drivers build their cars straight to this setup in both stock and mod and are stoked first run out! Most of this setup was developed from the D06, which I then translated to the D07 with some minor changes.

The main parts you will need (which aren't included in the kit) to use this exact setup are:
- 1x 7075-T6 Rear Inner Axle (49mm) D-05-VBC-0086
- 1x TBB Shock Spring (Red-Medium Soft) B-02-VBC-0134
- 1x VBC Dynamics F05 Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0060-05
- 1x VBC Racing WildFire WildFire Front/Rear Suspension Shim Set (1mm,0.5mm) D-05-VBC-0032
- 2x Center Suspension Mount Shim Set (1mm, 0.5mm) D-05-VBC-0164

This setup is aimed at Med-high traction, however will work on low traction quite well, for low traction I will tend to change:
- 1mm inside rear camberlink shim instead of 1.5mm
- 0.5mm outer front camberlink shim instead of 0
- 5.5 and 1.5 Droop instead of 5.0 and 1.0
- Test kit Orange front spring instead of Red (Track dependent)

This tends to generate more traction, however can make the car quite edgy if you make these changes on high traction.

Hope this helps somewhat, please feel free to message me if anyone has any questions about the setup. I can't guarantee this will work for you, however I have had great success with it, so I hope you guys do too!


R. Maker