- Speed Merchant Rev6 - Bruce Carbone - Pod Droop vs Chassis Sag -

While processing the setup sheet for the Team Speed Merchant Rev6, Speed Merchant's boss Bruce Carbone asked to add a field named "Chassis Sag" on the document. Questioning about what is Chassis Sag and if that is similar to Pod Droop, Bruce provide the following details:

Pod Droop is how far past even the bottom plate drops below the chassis at the center shock's full extension. In other words, if you look at the car from the side, and hold it in the air, it's how many degrees or millimeters the bottom plate angles downward. Personally, I've always used degrees...i.e. "I have about 2 degrees of Droop", but some people like to use Millimeters, which is basically Down-Travel past center, or past the chassis and bottom plate being even.

Chassis Sag...... is when the car is completely ready to run....ready to hit the track.  Push down on your roll over antenna.....generally, the car should squat and return up, but not all the way (Unless you have your center spring really maxed out). Now, if you gently pull up on your roll over antenna, the chassis should lift until it hits the shock's full extension. Usually, about 1/2 mm, but sometimes more (especially is you have a lot of Pod Droop (bumpy tracks)).  The more Chassis Sag you have, the more mellow your car is to drive, But if you have a lot of Sag, and a lot of Droop, the car will get very unpredictable...especially "off-power"...like entering a sharp 180 degree turn.....because the Droop will let too much weight transfer to the front of the car.


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