I knew from last year the F110SF3 is a great car on carpet. But the new tires were a bit unknown to most drivers.

We did some preparation at Mibosport cup, where Anna Wysgol had a great result, and I did some testing. But with this kind of changes, and competitors upgrading their cars, you never know where you are until everybody shows their cards at the first big race.

Having focused on the preparation of the 4x evo introduction the recent weeks, I was happy to see the performance in practice was good. Actually I topped free practice. Tim Benson also showed a good pace with the F110 SF3 when he finished controlled practice as 2nd while I was 3rd fastest with three consecutive laps. So our pace was good.

In qualifying I pushed a bit too much in Q1, which cost me some time as the car went sideways, and in Q2 the car was set up too aggressive, with a DNF.

In Q3 the car was really good, I just lost too much time in the first lap when I needed to get used to the car, which cost me the first spot, and in Q4 I made a perfect run, until I closed up on another driver in the last lap who cost me some time, finishing just 0.2s behind Jan Ratheisky. So I was starting from P2.

The first final was a close win for Jan. We both pushed our cars as much as possible from the first to the last lap, but I had no chance to come close enough to really try a pass, finishing just one second behind.

In the second Final I was directly behind his rear axle from the start, but trying to pass cost me some time, so Luke Lee had the chance on a pass on me, which ended him hitting the curb. So it was me chasing Jan again. I closed up on him quickly, and was following him closely for some laps until he went sideways end of the straight. After our cars touched, I was in the lead, with him directly behind for a few laps. Pushing hard trying to build up a gap, I eventually touched a wall, so he could get take the position back on the inside line, with Luke directly behind me.

The rest of the final I could follow Jan closely but could not make another pass.

The last Final Jan could sit out, but I had to win that roud to secure my second spot.

I had another nice fight with Luke Lee in the opening laps, until I could build up a gap later during the run.

In the end we finished 2nd and 4th, which is another good result with the F110 SF3.

It was also good to see that we had 2 more cars in the B final, and many customers being happy with the performance and handling of the car.

See you at the track.