Germany: ETS – Daun, David Ehrbar reports on F1 and TC mod

The track layout was special, as it was not rectangular as usual, but it had an extension. So we had the longest lap in ETS history in combination with a very difficult layout. This combined with only 3 practice runs, made it also one of the most difficult races in ETS history.

In modified class the luck was not on my side. I could not finish a single qualification run without a major mistake. I started first in the D final, winning one of the 3 finals but crashing in both others. Still the performance of the Project 4X EVO car was good. Viktor Wilck ran well , just missing the A-main with one point, finishing 11th overall, thus winning the toplevel B-main.

In the F1 class I had good pace from the beginning. The Serpent F110 SF3 proved one more time to be almost perfect. I won Q1, crashed Q2 in the lead and won Q3 with the fastest qualifying of all. So I started from TQ spot.

In the first final I took the first corner very tight but was hit by another car which left me in the back of the field. I could fight my way up to 3rd position until the end which proofed important later.

The second final was exactly how you want a final to be . I pushed hard in the first laps and controlled the race till the end driving a safe line once the gap was large enough.

In the third final I tried to do the same, but unfortunately I got the chicane wrong, costing me the first place. After that hard crash, I tried to fight my way back, but once I was back to 2nd position, the car suddenly flipped on a place where I did not expect it. In the following laps this happened a few more times, so it was clear something was wrong. After the final I found a bent rear shaft had caused that problem. Team mate Tim Benson also had a great F1 race and finished 5th overall also with F110 SF3, so we had 2 cars in the A-main !

Anyway the 2nd overall spot together with the TQ point means I reduced the gap in the championship to 1 point. With the four outdoor races to come, this is a solid basis to defend the championship title and with the outstanding pace I showed in the finals, we have proven another time the F110 SF3 is the car to beat.

Set-ups will appear in the Serpent website soon.

Thanks to the ETS organisers for another great event and the very tough track ;) Next ETS we already move outdoors to Spain, Madrid.

David Ehrbar

Team Serpent / Designer