Weight Distribution

A nice feature of the MTC2 chassis are the pins in the centre of the chassis to check the balance of the car.

Weight distribution has a big influence on car handling.
With those pins, you can check your car once its ready (Pictures only show single chassis for better visibility)

A total range of 48% to 52% between front and rear is checkable.

Each hole shows a difference of 1% with the centre hole displaying 50%.

If its in between, by the ‘speed’ the chassis moves forward or backwards to the ground, it indicates if its closer to a certain percentage, so its even more accurate than just a one percentage range.

In general, if the car has more weight in front than rear, the car would handle easier (or too easy) and therefore recommended on higher grip.

If the car has more weight towards the rear, it may helps on low-med grip conditions.

It also comes down to drivers preference, the overall setup and where and how extra weight and electronics are placed in the car in the end.

Personally I like to have the car between 50% and 51% towards the rear.

Balance tools like from Arrowmax (AM-170021 or AM-171021) can be used

If chassis doesn't move to any direction like in those example, you hit this weight distribution in % perfectly

To figure out what weight distribution you have or you are looking for, start with the centre and move on from there

Front / Rear Weight Distribution %
1: 52/48
2: 51/49
3: 50/50
4: 49/51
5: 48/52


R. Volker