- Servo Horn -

Servo horns can be an important setup factor when it comes down to details no matter which brand of car, servo or radio is used.

I am using a shorter servo horn on my Highest servos for a longer time now as it gives a more precise and smoother feeling, so it’s more consistent. (If it is too easy or reacts initially too slow, a longer length might help)

You will notice a difference in left/right EPA steering settings on the radio when changing height (higher % with shorter length)

The MTC2 kit horn has the option to use three different heights so you can make easily experience by yourself if you didn't do yet.

The optional Mugen servo horn has even more features and does look niiice, as shown in pictures.
*B0552 - 23t
*B0553 - 25t (Highest)

Several options possible. Do not be irritated by the scala or product description 18-20.

Length from centre to centre.


R. Volker