- Caster -

"For those who are questioning the caster or having trouble with it, please follow those advises to make sure your MTC2 is build up correctly, it'll work!" - Ronald

Why caster angle reacts on bulkhead positioning and how to realize easily.

The upper arm is connected to the bulkhead. If the bulkhead is assembled with a certain angle to the chassis centerline, the caster might be off (same for upper and lower arm). How to understand easily or even how to adjust left/right equal:

  1. open the screws (red circle)
  2. move the upperarm (red arrow)
  3. dimension X (caster) will react
(When you use dimension X to measure, please note the downstop adjustment and camber needs to be left/right equal as well)

Basically the same thing would happen with the lower and upper arm mounting position. When all of these parts are mounted align at 100%, caster should be left/right equal at the same time.


R. Volker