For those who started the build already, I do recommend the following setups for Carpet (ETS style).
Whether you use Carbon or Aluminium, both do work well but would need different flex setups.
Also running with 13.5t motor would require a different setup to Modified.

#1 Carbon Chassis - Modified Carpet
#2 Aluminium Chassis - Modified Carpet
#3 Carbon Chassis - Stock Carpet
#4 Aluminium Chassis - Stock Carpet

The kit is very well equipped as you know, but some option parts might be interesting depending on what you're looking for.
Some were mentioned in the setup sheets, I'll explain a few:

  • A2706 Motor Mount Weight: 15g perfectly located in the middle of the car

  • A2705 Motor Mount Weight: 12g just right between motor mount and battery

  • A2423 Receiver Plate 20g, may improve left/right balance and overall weight

  • A2424 Battery Weight 52g (for Shorty use only)

  • A2425 Battery Weight 2x20g, in case you are running a lightweight lipo (less than 250g), that should balance it out

  • A2158 Carbon Brace used with carbon chassis only, decreases flex, increases cornerspeed.

  • A2536 Shock Spring 6.75t, 6.75 equals the amount of winds of the spring. the more it has, the softer the spring is. I recommend this one for the front to get a bit more steering through the corner.

  • A2815 Titanium Screws (upper side) if you're looking to lower the centre of gravity, replace the kit steel screws with this set

Carbon - Modified - Carpet
Aluminium - Modified - Carpet
Carbon - Stock - Carpet
Aluminium - Stock - Carpet


R. Volker