- Body Installation -

by Ronald Volker

As more touring cars are having the rear body posts installed horizontally, I would like to show how I do my bodyshell installation as it might be a bit confusing doing it the first few times.
There are many different ways to finish it up, just want to share how I am doing so for now.

Used example here is the Xtreme Twister.

Step 1:
Rear Holes:
Distance left to right: ≈100mm, you should double check by measuring that gap on your car as body posts shouldn’t be bend.
Vertical distance from top of wing mount to centre of body holes: ≈45mm

  • Make sure you don’t have the holes too close to the bottom line of the bodyshell, otherwise there is not enough material left (if not enough material left, hole could rip off more easily after a hit or crash)
  • if the hole is too low, the bodyshell might sit too high on the car.
It is always simple to raise the rear bodyshell by adding shims underneath the rear body mount plate A2420, so be aware of having the holes not too low.
Checking some different bodyshells as well, having the hole from wing mount to centre of post, between 40 to 45mm seems like a reasonable distance for most bodyshells.

Step 2:
Bodyshell position (horizontally- how much forward?)
Usually you want to have the bodyshell positioned a bit more forward than its supposed to be according to the cutting lines for the right balance and steering.
For the MTC2, I would try to line up the bodyshell at least with the front line of the bumper as an indicator (or even further to the front) of the 'right' position.
By playing with the distance (picture 2) you can achieve this when you push the bodyshell over those posts.
If the distance is shorter, the bodyshell can sit more forward.
You can see by the front axle how far forward (in mm) the bodyshell would sit.
On a Twister, I have it around 5-6mm forward.
This is also mentioned in the MTC2 setup sheets.

Step 3:
Front holes:
Distance left to right: ≈60mm
I am not measuring the distance to the windshield, I’m only checking if I marked the holes symmetrically after finishing step 1 and 2.
Again, just make sure the bodyshell is either lined up with the foam of the bumper or more forward to your liking.

Side note:
If you are not happy with the fit of any hole, you could correct it by using body patches/body protectors available from various different brands, I can highly recommend this especially for the rear body holes!

Hope this is all helpful for your next bodyshell!

- Xtreme Twister -