~~~ LRP Flow X Modified Settings ~~~

Although it's now time to go outdoor racing, I wanted to share with you the settings from the second half of the indoor winter season I used on my LRP Flow X ESC, with LRP X22 Modified motors.

Since the ETS in Daun, I had some great support and interaction with J├╝rgen Lautenbach from LRP GmbH and my LRP/Mugen team mate Ronald Volker. Since then, I also tried some more things with UK LRP driver Andy Murray.

So here is the settings I used for the 5.0t and 5.5t motors. You can see they are very similar, just some small changes. Overall, I think the 5.5t was best for the indoor tracks (I used this at Daun ETS as well as EWS in February), and that's what I'll go back to next time we go indoors. However, as we're now going to outdoor tracks, I'd suggest the 5.0t settings should be a good starting point for small and medium size outdoor tracks too.

It was amazing to see how small differences in the settings on both the ESC, motor and on the radio had. I would for sure recommend trying out things like:

  • Adjusting the Torque Feel (Mode 5) and Trigger Dependency (Mode 9) one step each way to see how it feels. These two settings work together very closely to help to get the right "feel" through the throttle range.
  • Use the option rotors in the motor - the 12.1mm is the smoothest, but the 12.3 does have a bit stronger brakes. I have overall liked the 12.1mm best in the 5.0t motor, and the 12.3mm in the 5.5t - but it would be worth to try the 12.1mm rotor in the 5.5t too when the grip is lower.
  • Adjust the Expo setting on your handset. This is most important for getting the smoothness at the initial movement of the throttle - particularly if you are a "normal" racer like me and not so smooth here!


O. Meggitt