Lately I've done a few test sessions in the TC Super Stock class. It's quite enjoyable, with speeds not too far off modified. My plan was to prepare for a local race, which ended up being postponed because of the heatwave and wildfire cautions. Anyway, this gave me the opportunity to try the new G4 motor from Hobbywing! It has a really linear feel, but with plenty of power all throughout its powerband. For Super Stock, I recommend using a modified rotor. I ran the 30820019 (5-12.1). A modified rotor is not as strong as the supplied stock rotor, and thus, has more efficiency and less drop off. The supplied G4 rotor is best suited for blinky classes.

As for the ESC setting, I've fine tuned it for my liking, especially with more drag brake and a higher turbo decrease rate than is typically used in this class. This simply suited my "modified" driving style better since the car had a more natural slowing down for the turns. Keep in mind to always monitor your motor temps. My motor finished the runs at approx 80 deg C, which is perfectly fine. This was even in the ultra hot Portguese summer temps (30 C air temp). I use a HUDY 40mm fan (293111) which I've soldered directly to my ESC.

Batteries - I use the Sunpadow RC 6500 HV packs. They are the best compromise between power, weight and low CG!


A. Hagberg