Here are my setup sheets from this weekend's GP3F where I finished 2nd overall. I recommend these settings for modified TC on medium grip, and on medium to large size carpet tracks. Let me know if you have any questions!

I ran two cars in practice, one with a more aggressive setup that was developed by Martin Hudy at Hudy Arena. This car was really good early on in practice, but as the grip went up, my 2nd car, which had a setup inspired by last year's GP3F setup, carried more corner speed, and had better drivability. I also switched from an Xtreme Aerodynamics Twister to a Speciale, which improved side bite for these conditions. I didn't change my setup at all apart from playing with shock oil. I tested the range of 425-475. Eventually settled for 450 as this had the best compromise between grip and drivability, and was also the most consistent over the course of the run. 475 oil had good bite, but the car came in too late with this shock setting.

I tested a range of tire additives for these Rush tires before travelling to the race. HUDY Red (106261) was my preference. Other additives would either not have enough grip, or have more grip but excessive tire wear.

The chassis and ESC settings are 90% the same as used by Bruno Coelho to take the TQ & overall win!

The ESC setting is from Bruno, but was fine tuned for my driving style with the addition of more brake force.


A. Hagberg