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Manuals Source
F1 Ultra - Manual Exotek
F1 Ultra Carpet Work Edition Exotek
F1 Ultra - Build CompetitionX
F1 Ultra - Build RC F1 Blog
F1 Ultra R5 - Manual Exotek
F1 Ultra R5 Features
Blank Setup Sheet
Ultra Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Ultra R5 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Base Setup Sheet
Ultra Base Asphalt Setup
Ultra R5 Base Asphalt Setup
Tips & Tricks
F1 Ultra - Setup Tips

Asphalt Driver - Class Event - Place Layout Traction Surface Source
28.04.2024 Gianni Zonzini F1 Foam - Riccione Mixed Medium Bumpy G. Zonzini
21.04.2024 Gianni Zonzini F1 Remilla - Riccione Medium Bumpy G. Zonzini
28.01.2024 Thad Garner Lap Factory - Santee Low T. Garner
14.05.2023 Mike Rydwell (CWE) Cal Raceway Med` M. Rydwell
23.10.2022 Thad Garner Lap Factory - Santee Medium T. Garner
25.09.2022 Thad Garner Cal Raceway Medium-High T. Garner
00.08.2021 Mike R Cal Raceway Medium Mike R
00.05.2021 Mike R Camarillo Medium Mike R
06.03.2024 David Constant (CWE) King Of Cali - Chico Mixed-Technical High Smooth E. Clark
00.03.2024 Eric Clark (CWE) Edmonton Technical High Smooth E. Clark
05.02.2023 John Barron II (CWE) Snowbirds Mixed Medium Smooth
25.09.2023 John Barron II (CWE) USVTA Nats - ApexRaceway Technical High Smooth
20.02.2021 Douglas Hobbs B&B Hobbies Technical High Smooth D. Hobbs
2020.09.20 John Barron II Apex Raceway High Exotek
2019 John Barron II ROAR Nats - Apex Raceway High Exotek

2020.07.30 - Arn0