Stock setup made on the fast track of MACH Heemstede in the Netherlands, on Volante v5 36sh tires The setup was developed bij Jitse Miedema and Jilles Groskamp during a 4day test. The tests where conducted on a track that evolved from low traction to medium traction. In all conditions the car had a good balance and did great and consistent laptimes.
This setup was additionally tested on sweep 36, ride 34, and Rush 36 tires. And the car remained in good balance.
Used option parts:

  • CM-A002-100: 10000cst
  • CM-A001-475: 475cst
  • T240 - Alu Front Spool Outdrive
  • T185-8.0 - Alu Steering Plate 8.0mm
  • T091 or T092 - Alu Adjustable Servo Horn (23T/25T)
  • T243 - Alu Top Deck Bridge –Flex
  • T061-1.3 - Anti-Roll Bar Rear 1.3mm
  • T060-1.4 - Anti-Roll Bar Front 1.4mm
  • T220-0.8 - Alu Shock Mount Bushing 0.8mm
  • T220-0.4 - Alu Shock Mount Bushing 0.4mm
  • T183-0.8 - Alu Suspension Plate 0.8mm
  • SMJ1033 - Rubber Body Mount Spacer S (6x10x1.0mm)
  • SMJ1188 - SMJ Super High Speed Cooling Fan 30mm
  • SMJ1191 - SMJ Teflon Battery Tape (25x130x0.15mm)
  • Advised special tools:
  • A0100 - INFINITY 0.05" Hex Wrench Driver
  • T249 - IF14-2 Bulkhead Alignment Tool Set
  • Extra info:
  • Battery used was 310gram
  • Leftside I added 55gram
  • Body was 86.5 gram
  • Source: