Club race 360v2 RC, New Rochelle, NY
3 qualifiers and a main with bump ups

v2 djcvd.. with shrink tubing
Front weights 10 grams each
Limited edition infinity fan mount
Bittydesign m410

Got to the track early mounted stock 10.5 spec motor and body. The body was a X-ray precut that lined up pretty well. I believe the infinity version will be available soon. Car felt good the v2 dj cvds were smooth at all turning angles. Finished qualifier but made several driving errors.
24 5:05

Car was amazing in the second qualifier a body tuck would cost me a few seconds. I was running a 25 5:07 pace before the tuck which would have placed me solid in the A main. Finished with a 25 5:12... sitting in the finial A main spot going into the final qualifier

Got bumped out of the A main so I needed a good run 25 5:11 was the time to beat. Finished with a 25 5:10 taking the final spot on the A main grid. Car was good I blew a few corners but very happy with the outcome.

I would fall victim to driver error in the main. Cutting the corner too close and ending my A main run but extremely happy with the package. The bittydesign m410 was a perfect complement to the Infinity IF14 I ran the motiv 6000 battery and the car weighed 1387grams ( 1380 spec limit) trophy race next week so the completion will be very high.

I had friend and local fast guy / racer Jamie Carrado try the car afterward and he was impressed. He offered a few pointers to try at the next race.

Infinity makes the A at 360v2!!!


C. Townend