Chassis - Infinity IF14
Motor - LRP X20 4.5T
ESC - LRP Flow X
Battery - LRP 6400mAh Stock Spec
Tire (handout) - Sweep Racing
Radio / Servo - Sanwa
Body - ProtoForm Prototype (not shown)

Notes - Infinity factory driver Akio Sobue with IF14 frame out of the field CETC. Using his outdoor asphalt field in Japan to set the ground, so far he will only shock piston from 3 holes to 4 holes to better adapt to Sweep hair tires. Accessories, he chose a new split motor seat. This new product can be flexible to adjust the horse seat area of the twist, the motor fixed position is also lower. The car's hexagonal combination is a new 4.25mm model, the belt is also a new low-resistance version. Akio's shell is ProtoForm is still in the development of the prototype products, allegedly performance enough to counter Mon-tech Racer.