Suspension holder directly mounted on lower bulkhead. One-piece type aluminum servo, steering mount. Completely renewed symmetry design main chassis and top deck is the optimum adaption that will deliver stable steering feeling and traction control. Machine potential sophisticated at real race scene of TITC, ETS, and CETC by top level drivers.

Graphite chassis

A Graphite 2.25mm chassis has been chosen to provide the best handling on a wide range of tracks and conditions. Featuring a fully symmetrical shape to increase overall traction and balance.

Aluminium Suspension Mounts

New aluminium suspension mounts are fixed directly to the bulkhead creating a more consistent and natural chassis flex. Combined with fully adjustable composite bushings this concept means tuning the geometry is quick and easy.


Drivetrain consists of a 38T pulley and solid front axle, 38T oil filled gear differential and 20T aluminium center pulley mounted to an aluminium layshaft.

Hard Composite Compound

Suspension arms, C-hubs, steering blocks and rear uprights are delivered in hard composite compound material to maintain high durability and improve stability with “straight” response on every surface.

Low profile Big Bore shocks

Low profile Big Bore shocks are designed to lower the CG to improve overall stability of the model. CNC machined and Hard Anodized treated they are fully equipped with premium SMJ silver line springs.

Aluminium battery mounting

Aluminium battery mounting pieces allow for adjustable battery positioning and multiple fixing choices.

Graphite top deck

2.0mm graphite top deck matches perfectly with the chassis to allowing for maximum cornering speeds.

Double joint front driveshafts

New double joint front driveshafts are included for a vibration free steering action and predictable response.

Aluminium motor mount

Aluminium motor mount fixed to the chassis with 3 mounting points for solid power delivery from the motor to the drivetrain.

Floating aluminium servo mount

Floating aluminium servo steering mount is placed in the center of the car to increase overall balance.

High Grade Turnbuckles

Car is equipped with high grade red anodised aluminium turnbuckles to decrease overall weight of the model.

Zero gap foam

ZERO gap foam front bumper is designed to perfect fit all various bodyshells on the market.

Anti-Roll bar

Easy to remove Anti-Roll bar housings are attached to the bulkheads and include a one-piece stopper to remove excess play.

Two ackermann positions

The front steering blocks offer two ackermann positions to suit every track layout.