CRC - Calandra Racing Concepts has been making 1/12 pan cars for a long time and their newest car, the CK25 (Carpet Knife 25) represents their 25th year. Thatís a long time for a small company to be doing the same thing, and with a lot of success. The carbon fiber is cut right in the home state of New York and a lot of the work in done in-house including packaging. They design it in one part of their company, then race it and sell it on their track and hobby shop right next door. Frankís Dad, who is 75 years old, races it along with their team. This car is Brian Wynnís and heís been having a lot of success with it in the 17.5T Class and sits high up in the standings at the International Indoor Championships - IIC. The previous version won the 2014 IFMAR Worlds, so it was dubbed the CRC XTI WC and this version has a few changes to further improve it. The motor plate has been lowered significantly. They did away with the rear axle system that allowed racers to use big tires, but since modern tracks and the new carpet has so much more traction, they decided to overhaul the axle system and refine it for small tires. The car also has a rectangle cutout in the center and LiPo packs can be outfitted with tungsten carbide inserts to adjust the amount of weight and help to tune by changing the low center-of-gravity. This system allows the drivers to push the cars harder while keeping the center-of-gravity low and risk traction rolling less. The tires are the spec CRC - Calandra Racing Concepts tires used at the International Indoor Championships - IIC and Frank Calandra was also quick to point out that this kit only retails for $199. This car is also outfitted with a Black Art Toyota body with Brian Wynnís livery.