It is the machine information of Oishi who won the professional stock class following yesterday. Mr. Jackie put together

Hello Team CRC Japan general director? I'm Jackie.

This time, we will release a set sheet of CRC user Oishi who won the qualifying TQ in the pro stock class in the EPS-J Round 1 held at the MAP the other day and the overwhelming speed in the final.

The 13.5T 1-cell prostock class has become a control tire this year, and is the first EPS-J to be held. The control tire is a combination of rubber tires made by BSR and black foil of the same design as CRC flex wheel, the foil is slightly stiffer than CRC wheel

I think that this control tire is a good tire that has good compatibility with the CRC black carpet and a good balance between front and rear and does not have to worry about lack of grip

It is sold at MAP for 2000 yen for one car, and it seems that this one set can be used from practice to race in normal. Therefore, you can skip the tire bonding work and enjoy the race without worrying about the brand of the tire, so it is recommended for those who want to start easily

By the way, we explain car of winning Oishi with set sheet

First, Oishi entered the race on the day of the race, purchasing only one tire in the morning.

The tire diameter is quite different from Oishi's preference. Therefore, the start diameter of the front tire was small and one set was not enough, and another set was borrowed by an acquaintance for the third round of qualifying. I told you that if you increase the start diameter of the front tire a little more, it will be OK with one set of tires

Although it depends on the road surface conditions, the reduction of tires was 8 minutes running and both front and rear were slightly more than 0.1 mm

The car is a basic CK25HT, but the rear center ball seat and pivot ball are [SM-116] Delrin one-piece ball seat and [CRC3272] plate, and the roll center is lower than normal by 0.5 mm. The side ring ball is also cut down 0.5 mm to match. This makes it easier to grasp the rear grip up and the behavior during cornering, and the lap is stable

Also, the front roll center adjuster (carbon spacer under the caster block) is 1 mm, but it is said that this was made by myself

Others seem to be only assembling the kit carefully and fine-tuning according to the road surface

When I asked Oishi after the final, I heard that the front tire was too small and I could not raise the pace, so I needed to review the car set and the front and rear difference of the tire so that I can run with a slightly larger tire diameter. But when you look at the photos, is ESC a long time ago? It's a black diamond before, and the motor isn't the latest, but I think it gave better results than the excellent setting ability and driving

Finally, I would like to thank Oishi for providing valuable information. I would also like to thank Mr. Yano for providing a wonderful environment and working hard to run the race. Also, Fujiwara-san, who helped manage the race while participating in the race. Thank you very much.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the race.

This is the end of this report.

Thank you for reading for me until the end.