Information for the use of AM180EVO Bellcrank
Please note the points below for the use of AM180EVO.

As the product presentation already told, the height of the AM180EVO is slightly adjusted to avoid contact with P12X at certain setups.
With this change, less bumpsteer shims are needed on the steering arm, which reduces the stress on this part. To keep the same bumpsteer value as with AM180M5 use 1,25mm less bumpsteer shims.

Depending on your servo horn and the shims used under the ball you may need more shims under the center ST24 ballstud of AM180EVO.
At least 1mm additional shim should be added to have total 1,5mm. It will be enough if you will use not more than 7mm of shims under the ballstud on the servo horn (as per the manual).
More shims will be needed only in case of using the very long spacer under ballstud on the servo horn. For example with 8,5-9mm spacer, I use total 2.0mm under the center ST24 stud. With servohorn height set to 17,00mm its still enough room to the topdeck.

Standard Setup Big Spacer Setup