The 2019 Roar Carpet Nationals at Prolevel RC was an excellent event with great racing in all classes. ProLevel is now in a mall and looks a little different than before, but still remains a top notch run by someone with a great passion for the hobby. Thank you Drew for another great Nationals and keeping the interest going (…and the King Edward’s chicken!) All of the racers truly enjoyed your dedication to ProLevel, the hobby, and a great racing atmosphere.

The racing was close in every class and the Awesomatix/Roche team ran well. We managed to TQ and win five touring car classes despite some failures on the Roche side. Nonetheless, the cars ran strong and the team worked well together. I managed 1st in mod tc and 2nd in mod 12th scale. Big congratulations to Kyle Klingforth, Clayton Young, Kemp Anderson and Bill for their well deserved wins for Awesomatix as well.

I definitely want to thank the following people for their support over the last few years!
Hefty Jesus at Awesomatix/Roche USA
Awes Omatix and Max Mächler for the major setup help and advice!
David Joor from Avid
Ralph Morella from TQ Wire
Eric Anderson at Team EAM
Joaquin De Soto at Serpent/Sanwa
Randy Caster at 1UP Racing
Kady Alex from Downgrade Designs
Michael Toth at 2mm Designs for the great decals!
Ron Schuur at Hobbywing
I used the new Team EAM 4000 ULCG shorty--a 12th scale sized 2S battery that is 18.5mm tall! This battery is a true 4000 to 8.4V, and runs strong even for 6 minute indoor races. The battery weights 165 grams. Be sure to charge it fully!

I used the new BW52 battery holders to make weight and perfectly balance the car left/right. The car also features LA +9 front arms and LA +8 rear arms, along with titanium turnbuckles and Awesomatix aluminum top screws to lower the CG of the car. I ran the C27-MMS1 soft top deck with the rear cut.

Note only rear two screws of motormount used! I also used a heavier BSR front bumper.

Note 21 grams of tungsten next to the servo in the center of the car.

Motor wires lowered as much as possible!

Since mod much (if any) cooling is needed on a modified motor indoors, I used a smaller 25mm fan secured by a RC Maker fan mount.

14 grams of tungsten under the receiver, and another 14 under the fan.


M. Machler