I am allowed to share some pictures of my Awesomatix A800X Evo with a "MMCX-A" prototype conversion set which i used to win the German Nationals past weekend.
As you can see, the Chassis and TopDeck are in Prototype stage, which means the final/productional version could look a bit different.

Since the release of the Middle Motor set many people asked for an Aluminium chassis. As this chassis layout offer a different flex behavior than a std. layout, it was needed to understand the characteristics first and test different chassis with various "flex" settings.

After intense testing of many chassis the perfect relationship between cutouts and stiff areas were found. It's quiet different to conventional Chassis layout which took some time for development. It's important to invest enough time into a product at this stage to offer the high performance racing parts what Awesomatix stands for.

The current stage like shown on the pictures handle very well and showed outstanding speed at the latest tests.
It can be expected to be available during next few weeks.

Car: Awesomatix A800X Evo + MMCX-A Conversion Set
Bodyshell: PROTOform Mazda Speed6 ProLight
Servo: MKS Servo Tech HBL575 SL
ESC: LRP GmbH FlowX StockSpec
Motor: MOTIV RC 13,5T
Receiver: Sanwa RX482


M. Machler