At the beginning i struggled a bit to find the correct setup for the CRC Black carpet.

Basically because the car handles/feels so different to what i am used to. Just couldn't feel what the car is doing in the corners. It feelt more like diving "into" the carpet. Like the carpet do more "work" than the suspension of the car. The reason is the higher floor of this carpet type which i am not used to. Also sometimes my car flipped in midcorner. I noted this is NOT A TRACTION ROLL.... its just because the car dives into the carpet and the sidewalls of the tires can move a lot to the ground which cause a flip. But this flips are 100% not because of to much grip or traction!
For me the grip overall feelt like a medium grip level.

SuperStock (17.5) Setup

Stock (13.5) Setup


R. Maker