Chassis - Awesomatix A800X Evo (MMCX-A)
Motor - Hobbywing G3 5.0T
ESC - Hobbywing Prototype
Batteries - Team Silverback 5500 Spiral-G
Tires - Volante (handout)
Radio/Servo - Sanwa/MKS HBL SL575
Bodyshell - Protoform Type S

Here are some specs of how Freddy prepares his race body for #ETS Carpet:
Weight: LW - 93g to meet the ETS minimum weight
Position: 4mm forward
Wing: Standard LW Type-S wing
Wing Position: trailing edge 6mm back from body
Ground Clearance: 8mm
Front Splitter Height: 3mm tall at lowest point

Remarks - Very much on form here at ETS Round 2, Awesomatix's Freddy Sudhoff is running the latest version of the Russian designed car including the MMCX-A conversion set. His mechanic and Awesomatix Team Manager Max Machler prepared the car with the newly released BW22 Battery Holders for the use of ultra LCG Batteries. The wiring on the car is credit to Max's attention to detail on the car. Other optionals on the car include the long suspension arms, and Awesomatix Aluminium Screws on the topside of the car to lower the centre of gravity. Freddy is running a 5.0T motor on the large indoor Daun track combined with a Prototype stage ESC from Hobbywing (blurred out in Chassis Focus photos as requested by Hobbywing).


M. Machler