This year I used the production version of the Awesomatix A800MMX chassis. It doesn't differ much from the prototype that I used at the Russian Championship last year and the setup from which I chose to start this year. Nevertheless, there are a number of small tweaks.

I was pleased with the feeling and speed of the car and can recommend this setup as a basic setup for the Lemar track and other medium-sized asphalt tracks with medium grip.

Also I am super happy with ORCA electronics on asphalt. Super smooth and fast. Very easy to drive. Thanks for Andreas Myrberg with his help!

Today I want to talk about bodies for touring cars. For several years ZooRacing has been holding the palm in the body market. Due to high-quality mathematical modeling, as well as competent technological processes, their bodies are the fastest on the track and the most convenient to prepare (cutting and painting). In the first half of 2020 they took two important steps:

  • modified the technical process and now 0,7mm bodies weigh 85g (before that they were 95g). It would seem - only 10 grams. But since the body is the highest point of the model, these 10 grams have a significant effect on handling, especially on high grip. Why 85gr? According to the ETS rules, bodies need to be NOT Lighter than 85 grams. The technical process was refined under these rules. For competitions where are no restrictions on body weight, you can use the 0.5mm version, which is another 15-20g lighter. However, I prefer the 85g bodies, as it is the best compromise between reliability and efficiency + greater ETS compliance.
  • released a new body ZooRacing Baybee. A new body that should combine the best qualities of the two most popular models from this brand - Dogsbollox and Hellcat. And they did it! The body is very balanced and comfortable, like the Dogsbollox, but has a little more steering and Hellcat manners.
Last week, when we were in Lemar, I was able to test all three popular bodies. Several conclusions that I made:
  • Dogsbollox (DBX) is a very comfortable and super predictable body. The drive is easy and pleasant. It is especially pleasant to drive it in long corner, where the car very clearly keeps a given line, without a hint of understeer or oversteer.
  • The Hellcat is a noticeably more aggressive body than the DBX. More rotation, more front grip. This allows you to quickly drive through chicane, sharp turns. However, this body tends to overheat the tires and requires more gentle and smoother handling. But it can be faster than DBX in some conditions.
  • Baybee - as I wrote above, this is a kind of compromise between DBX and Hellcat. The car with this bodywork is sharper than the DBX, but still quite comfortable. On the asphalt I really liked this body. Hopefully it will do well on the carpet as well.
Most of the runs I made with Baybee, but for last final I put Hellcat, as it seemed to me that after the nitro finals there were too many foam on the track and there was not enough rotation. Overall, Hellcat helped fix this issue. The lap times are comparable.

I want to note that all conclusions are based on tests on one track, so for your track the bodies may work a little differently


M. Laverychev