Those setups are based on our best setups from previous season and experience. During the COVID-19 struggle we didn't have the chance for further fine tune as most track still closed.

Please note following infos:

  • Don't forget to cut the upper stop of P12X Swaybar holder. It's needed to give clearance for the suspension arms at uptravel with the "high" rollcenters.

  • Damper oil info for ADC and/or normal cups.

  • STOCK setup: note the 1,75mm Motor lateral shift. This helps to get the balance a bit better with the heavy 8XXXmAh batteries. With 6XXXmah batteries this isn't needed!

  • MODIFIED setup: note the SRSII in front with hard spring.

There are many great possibilities for flex adjustments via Motormount screws and Topdeck screws.
For the Topdeck I would recommend to try also following screw settings: A-D and C-D
The C-D-F setting is the most stable setting, which will be good for the first runs.

Options for the motormount screws are:
1-2-3 and 2-3
The 3-4-5 setting offer good rear traction.


M. Machler