The setup features a few differences compared to the Rnd.1 setup.

Overall I used stiffer damper oil and settings to get a more consistent car and reduce the drop off.

Some short notes about the other changes below:

    -> Shifted the wing 5mm forward - helped to get more steering and rotation! Super easy to do with my MXLR Precision Wing Mount set.
    -> Lower front top links - more camber gain under chassis movement to generate more front bite.
    -> Stiffer damper oil - helps with consistency especially in hotter conditions.
    -> More aggressive flex setting - to get more entry steering and overall rotation (Motormount 1-2-3 and Topdeck F)
    -> AM14LS as rear steering arm - more linear action of toe change under compression as well as changed bumpsteer effect. Got more midcorner rotation but was nearly too loose especially in lower speed areas of the track like the middle chicane.
    -> Diff with Putty in front - more incorner steering. I basically had a good feeling with the Diff and kept it. Noted some drop of performance which is probably caused by inconsistency of the putty!


M. Machler