This is the setup I worked out trough saturday and sunday at the new track. Grip itself was already very good and no any cars were sliding arround or doing weird things.
I mainly fought with understeering/pushing especially with used tires.
In the end I found a pretty good setup which offered great steering and still good overall balance.

Below some additional infos about the setup and the changes I made.

SEL (Super Extra Long toplinks): Noticed directly that it will have NO CHANCE at this track conditions. They generated more grip -yes. But they removed all response and quick direction change. For this reason I changed back to std. AM19-FX toplinks which offered quicker and better direction changes.

Softer damping front and rear: Less tire scream and more steering overall. As the rear end wasn't locked so much anymore. Helped a lot to gain steering.

Stiffer swaybar in front: Better incorner steering and placement on trackline.

Stiff motormountflex: More precision handling.

Big downstop gap front <-> rear: I normally never run ever such a big gap of 1,6mm front to rear. But rear end was still safe and didn't slide. Gave me way better steering and rotation.

Low roll centers with 0,5mm difference F <-> R: Lower roll centers were quicker arround the track by 3/10.
As it offered more bite in this conditions and more precission/steering feeling. I started with 0,5mm all around, but raised the rear to 1.0mm to get additional rotation.

BayBee Bodyshell: 2/10 faster compared to DBX on this track. Had more steering and same time more corner speed. Loved it!


M. Machler