So, after having missed the Andernach ETS races due to work commitments, I managed to finally rejoin the circus and I think I really did deliver. Felt great to be back in the running up front and even leading Q3 for a while, till my car faded (which was later found to be a diff that needed rebuilding).

I'm super happy about my personal pace, that I managed to position myself in the A-main and about the strong 5th in A1.

There is some degree of disappointment about the two DNFs in A2 (crashed on new tires and wanted to save them for A3) and A3 (Duchet rejoined the track after having spun out and totalled my car in the process)... but overall I am very happy with my performance and the progress we made setup wise as a team.

Since my driving style is a bit different to my colleagues, I needed my car to have more steering and give away performance more 'freely' without needing to be pushed or forced. And I think I finally achieved that.

So if you like your car on the steering heavy end of the spectrum, go make sure to check out the setup I posted below.
The rear toe-control link setup I have installed alters the toe-change window, and with 1mm shim steps on the outside, you can really fine-tune your cars overall balance in a very linear fashion, wich makes it easier to find the sweet spot compared to the standard setup which will always lock the cars rearend in (very good for low grip still).
Now it's time for indoor racing, and I'm not emotionally ready yet 😂

Let me know if you've got any questions!

Lots of love

Martin & 🦁

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M. Hofer