Stats from ETS may not be available but it is easy to see the popularity of this chassis. Bear in mind this is a company with a consistent approach of not having fully sponsored drivers so knowing that the majority of the cars are fully paid by their users is most impressive. It shows that when one has to invest his hard-earned money and not be biased by discounts, support or promotions, they choose Awesomatix. After a dominant performance of Xray’s Alexandre Duchet in the first two ETS at Arena33, Awesomatix were back in force at Apeldoorn, having practiced before the event and being well presented by eventual winner Simon Lauter, and then Frederik Mikkelsen (4), Alex Kunkler (6), Rob Janssen (😎, Max Machler(9), Martin Hofer(10), a massive total of 6 cars in the Amain.

Simon’s performance in Pro Stock was very impressive, especially his win in A2, getting the move on the last corner of the last lap. A must watch! In mod the leading driver as usual was Marc Rheinard who was OK on pace, just seemed to lack the outright speed on fresh rubber in the first few laps and consistency throughout the run.
His car shown here below features a number of his own MR33 Racing parts. The new LCG Orca battery is nice in all black look.


John Doucakis on RC Photo Project