Awesomatix factory driver Lucas Urbain (FR) is rocking the actual version of the A800MMX here at Arena33. He looked very fast and comfortable on track during practice and will be in good shape to fight for a good result this weekend. His A800MMX is equipped with a set of Awesomatix aluminum screws, the single oiece Awesomatix topdeck and the horizontal body posts.
It also features a carbon fiber bumper plate, brass battery mounts and brass motor mount weights. Under the ECS and Receiver you can find self-made brass weights for the perfect balance in the car.
Lucas is using a Twister body shell (0,5mm version) from Xtreme on his A800MMX and the body shell is equipped with Manzo46 clip on body stiffeners to prevent the body shell from flapping around at high speeds!

Body Shell: Xtreme Twister (0,5)
Speedo: Orca OE1
Motor: Orca Blitreme 5.0T
Battery: Orca 6000
Radio: Sanwa M12
Servo: MKS HBL575SL
Tires: Matrix EP 036R ETS
Sponsors and support: Awesomatix, Orca, Tonisport, MR33, RC Maker, 1upRacing, A-paint, Manzo46, MRC Longwy

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P5 at ETS Rnd 3 in Andernach.

I found again some good pace this weekend. Not sure why, since I would never expect this track to suit me but I always seem to better my own expectations here.

There was obviously room for more but I kept coming up a few tenths short in qualifying to get a better starting position. Getting the #1 seed felt really good though, and the 5min pace was genuinely good but it somehow wasn't meant to be.

I didn't drive my best mains either and ended with a lucky-ish 5th overall benefiting from a few racing incidents up front.

Still I feel optimistic for the upcoming world's in Italy in a few weeks time and also can't wait for ETS Luxembourg the following week (I'll be hoping to keep the #1 on the shell for longer that time).

Last but not least, what a weekend for the team, winning all 5 touring class, what an astonishing achievement!! Thanks a lot to my sponsors:
- awesomatix
- OrcaRC
- tonisport
- Mr33
- Apaint
- RCMaker
- 1upRacing
- manzo46
- mrclongwy


M. Machler