Had a successful shakedown with the Awesomatix MMXA at Yatabe Arena.

The initial setup I used on the MMX was Sam Issacs' ''The Gate'' provide by Brent Klingforth. I made some minor tweaks to the flex and worked perfectly. Next outing I will try the PSS 15% on the front and see if that improves the cars performance. I tried the PSS 15% on the A800 EVO with great success and I can see this possibly improving the lap times of the MMX even more.

The shorty setup is by far the fastest setup to run on CRC Black carpet coupled with 17.5T Boosted setup. The R1 Wurks V16 17.5T with 12.5 mm titanium rotor worked flawlessly. Using the R1 Wurks 4000 mAh shorty provided a ton of power throughout the course of the 5 minute run and showed only a slight fade around the 4:30 mark.

That is all for now and I will get back to you on the results of the PSS next week.


E. Pickering