What to say for me it was the most emotional race i've ever had. Fighting in qualifiers for the TQ spot and then starting from P3 in the A-Main was already an unreal result.
Then we went to A1 which was the highlight of the weekend leading the race for 4min 30 and bring my first ever A-Main win at home was unbelievable. The Crowd was going crazy and all went to me to congrate for my result. Even now i am not realizing what happened last weekend. I am just proud of what i could achieve this weekend. Finally all the hard work payed off! Finishing 2nd 🥈 overall🤩
My Hobbywing / Sunpadow RC powered Awesomatix was on fire all weekend💪🔥 I got some people that i want to thank especially:
- My dad and my family for their continuous support from home!
- Mischa Kroos for all his support on and beside the track beeing always availble for me giving me all his time to be on races with me!
- Max Machler for giving me the opportunity to race with Awesomatix. Giving me always the best support for everything no matter what. And also always believing in me! And a very big THANKS to all supporting me from home and on the track, you made me even more happy. 🥰
Very happy to have a TEAM like this to work together and have a lot of fun in the pits and beside the track!

Last but for sure not least to all my sponsors!! #AWESOMATIX