Under the hood - ISTC 13.5 2022 Australian Nationals

Chris Mitchell got off to a bit of a rocky start, but recovered incredibly to bring home a solid 5th place in 13.5T at the recent nationals! Even after an amazing race challenging the A2 final win.

Chassis - Awesomatix A800MMX
Bodyshell - Zoo Racing Wolverine MAX 0.5
ESC - R1 Digital 3
Motor - R1 Wurks V21-S 13.5T
Servo - MKS HBL575SL
Battery - R1 Wurks 6000mah 150C
Receiver - Sanwa RX482 and M12S-RS Controller
Upgrades - RCMaker SlimFlex 2pc Topdeck, SlimFlex Chassis, LA arm shims, HRPL body mounts & Brass LCG Weights. Tworks Ti Ballstuds, Turnbuckles & Screws, Awesomatix AM24-20 Servo mount + BDL, AT15 & HRB mount

Take note of the narrow C04M1+7.0 and C04M1+8.0 Arms on the setup sheet, these were a big key in the setup and helped to generate more roll and traction on the lower bite track. If you need more bite at your local track, be sure to give this combo or maybe even Chris' whole setup a shot!