- 2021 ETS Handout Combo Motor Position -

This is an important note for all Awesomatix racers who use the new ETS - Euro Touring Series handout combos !!!

The Motor has a different can design where the case screws located on the motor mount side.

As the screw heads don't follow the chamfered area of the case, they stick out too much and cause an interference with the chassis.

It's the same for both carbon and alloy chassis.

This problem only exist at certain Motor positions!

Please see the attached pictures where I show you the correct Motor position (picture with GREEN text).

Also - in case you space out the motor, like I do when using 8000mah batteries, the problems doesn't exist at all.

But once it comes to indoor racing, or the use of 6000mah batteries, where no spacing of the motor is needed to get the right balance, its important to use the correct motor position!


M. Machler