From the International Indoor Championships held at the Westgate Resort & Casino Mike Gee was able to TQ and win the 17.5 TC class, as well as finish 2nd in the 13.5 TC class. His car features soft springs as well as narrow hubs, a BSR bumper, Lunsford titanium turnbuckles, Avid ceramic bearings and titanium ballstuds, as well as a hiro seiko aluminum/titanium screw kit

Chassis: Awesomatix A800A
Radio: Sanwa
Servo: Awesomatix
ESC: Tekin RS Gen2
Motor: PCR Tuned Tekin G3 13.5 (PCR Tuned TSR 17.5)
Battery: PCR 7600 90C
Body: Montech Nazda2


M. Gee