Chassis Awesomatix A800X
Motor Muchmore 4.5T
ESC Muchmore Fleta Pro V2
Battery Team Silverback 6400mAh
Tires (handout) Sweep
Radio/Servo Futaba/Awesomatix
Body Protoform LTC-R

Remarks Australian racer Ryan Maker is the lead Awesomatix driver here in Bangkok using the latest A800X from Russian company Awesomatix. Making some changes to the standard car, he is using the old bellcrank steering system, which he says is smoother and looks after the tires better, as well as a stiffer rear brace from RC Maker. Running his setup close to what he uses back home, but with a thicker oil in the rear diff, with the traction coming down since practice his setup is now working a lot better.