This custom built, machined ball link system provides the front or rear of the A800X Touring Carwith a medium flex option. It allows the bulkheads to flex independently but not together, bracing the front and/or rear of the topdeck under acceleration and braking, yet still allowing it to move sideways in cornering. This provides increased forward traction and stability when used at the rear, and increased braking grip and turn in when used at the front.

It also features an integrated belt tensioning system, allowing you to run your belts looser for less rolling resistance, whilst still maintaininglongevity and reliability.

These links have all individually been custom machined and fitted to the car to ensure a precision fit and smooth action. They work with both the C27X Standard Topdeck and the VTD Vertical Topdeck. However, they will only provide a substantial handling effect when the braces on VTD are cut, to allow the flex link to work.

Viljami Kutvonen TQ'd and Won usinga prototype of these at AOC Australia, and liked them so much he took them back to Europe with him! He used one in the rear only, and found it increased the rear stability making the car easier to push hard, whilst giving him more forward traction.