Chassis - Awesomatix A800X
Motor - Muchmore Feta ZX V2 4.5
ESC - Muchmore Fleta Pro V2
Batteries - Silverback 6400 Siren HV
Tires - Volante (handout)
Radio/Servo - Sanwa/Sanwa
Bodyshell - Protoform Type S Pro-Lite

Remarks - Having made the A-Main at ETS Andernach, Lucas is again enjoying a completive run on what is only his third ETS outing with Awesomatix. Posting a P4 run in the opening qualifier, he is running quite a few option parks on his A800X such as the dual bell crank steering, aluminium screws in the top deck and bulkheads with the drive shafts also optional upgrades. The most unusual thing about the car is the lack of sway bars which is the result of a suggestion from the cars designer Oleg Babich. Taking out the sway bars he suggested compensating with harder springs and having tried it Lucas said he like it and now some of the other team drivers are following the idea.


M. Machler